Selection Assessments

Psychometric testing NZ – We use a range of personality and ability assessments (including Hogan Assessments and Saville Assessments) to help you understand a potential employee and assess their fit for your organisation.

We can discuss the role you are hiring for and recommend a standard or tailored package to help you select the right team member.

Our selection assessments also play a valuable role in helping you understand how to onboard, manage and get the best performance out of a successful applicant.

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Leadership Development

We use a number of measures to help identify the strengths and development areas for your leaders and high potential staff.

We can assist your staff to formulate and act upon individualised development plans so they can move towards achieving their career objectives.

We are focused on promoting self-awareness, uncovering blind spots and leveraging the strengths of individuals in order to make your staff more effective in their roles.

Contact us for assessment and pricing details or to discuss your leadership development needs.


Developing Organisations

We offer a range of services to help improve your organisation’s productivity and job satisfaction for employees.

We can assist you in a number of ways such as helping your organisation to refine and execute its strategic plan, uncover the key values that drive performance in your organisation, identify inefficiencies across the team and make effective organisation change to lift productivity.

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