Hiring the Best Candidates through the application of Psychometric Selection Assessments

A selection assessment can help companies achieve a long-term competitive advantage by uncovering important information about candidates before making hiring decisions. Psychometric assessment used as one part of a recruitment process, assists organisations in avoiding poor and costly hiring decisions which can be devastating for productivity and morale. Psychometric assessment can improve selection decisions through the measurement of critical areas such as personality traits, cognitive abilities, motivations, behavioural styles and more.

Eagar People adds validation to your recruitment process through a detailed assessment of each and every candidate. We are registered psychologists and selection assessment experts who specialise in the use of psychometric assessments to help you find and develop the best talent. We use the Saville Wave and Saville Leadership Risk Assessment, the Hogan Assessments (Hogan Personality Inventory – HPI, Hogan Development Survey – HDS, Motives Values and Preferences Inventory – MVPI) and a range of other psychometric tools to best suit your selection needs. We work with you to understand the job you are selecting for and recommend psychometric assessment tools that will identify candidates who have the behavioural characteristics and abilities to be successful in the role. As registered psychologists, we help you interpret the psychometric assessment findings and make the best use of the assessment information within your wider recruitment process.

Our selection assessment services in NZ include:

Assessments for Selection

  • Leadership Assessments
  • Graduate Assessments
  • Assessment Approaches to Suit Specific Roles

Assessments for On-Boarding of New Staff

  • Understanding how to manage new staff
  • Having better onboarding conversations
  • Setting new staff up for success

Assessments to Establish Organisation Fit

  • Selecting candidates who fit with an organisation’s culture
  • Understanding how new hires will fit into an existing team
  • Understanding the team culture a new leader is likely to promote

We provide a prompt turnaround with our psychometric assessment services, so you can quickly gain a deeper understanding of a candidate’s style and abilities. So increase the accuracy of your hiring decisions and build the best workforce by integrating our assessment services and psychologist expertise into your recruitment process.